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Elisabeth Piirainen– Biographical notes * January 12, 1943  † December 29, 2017
It is with deep regret and great sadness that we share the letter with you.
Dear EUROPHRAS members,
With deep sadness we must let you know that Elisabeth Piirainen has unexpectedly passed away on December 29, 2017. We have lost a venerable colleague and dear friend. Elisabeth Piirainen was a long-time and dedicated member of our society and a leading scholar in the fields of phraseology.
We will cherish her memory for many years to come.
Our thoughts are with her family at this time.
Kathrin Steyer (President of EUROPHRAS) (also on behalf of all former presidents)
Dmitrij Dobrovol’skij (Vice President of EUROPHRAS)

Education: Grammar school (with bias on Latin and Greek).

University studies: 1963-1970 at the universities of Münster/Westphalia, Amsterdam and Helsinki: German and Dutch philology, linguistics (focus on language history, dialectology and Indo-European studies).PhD: 1970 at the University of Münster.

Professional activities:
Since 1970 foreign language assistant for German at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland (lector of DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service).

Since 1975:in charge of various projects related to Low German philology:
- research project on microtoponymy (results published in:Flurnamen in Vreden, 1984);
- head of a project on the lexis of a Low German dialect; results published in a dialect dictio-nary(Wörterbuch der westmünsterländischen Mundart,1992), later also in the study Phraseo-logie der westmünsterländischen Mundart (2000) and various articles.

Since 1993: independent researcher. Main research topics:phraseology, figurative language and culture, widespread idioms in Europe and beyond.

Recentprojects: “Widespread idiomatic and formulaic constructions” and “Lesser-used lan-guages: Idioms, proverbs, figurative and formulaic units”.

Email: elisabeth.piirainen(at)

Jean-Pierre Colson is Professor of translation studies and linguistics at the University of Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium) and the Head of the Louvain School of Translation and Interpreting. He has played for many years an active part within Europhras, the European Association for Phraseology, and was for 3 years the Managing Editor of the Yearbook of Phraseology. He has published more than 90 scientific papers on phraseology, computational linguistics and translation studies. He is also an international expert in several institutions: external expert for the COST projects of the European Union, expert in linguistics for the Belgian university foundation, remote expert for ANEP, the Spanish agency for the evaluation of scientific projects.

Jean-Pierre Colson: Abstract (pdf)
Linguistic reproducibility and cognitive entrenchment: corpus- based evidence and applications for language teaching and translation

Jean-Pierre Colson: Selected Publications (pdf)

Kathrin Steyer
Dr. Kathrin Steyer is Research Assistant at the Institute for the German Language in Mannheim, the central non-university institution for research and documentation of the contemporary usage and recent history of German. She is head of the IDS project Usuelle Wortverbindungen (multi-word expressions). From 2008-2010, she managed the German part of the multilingual EU project SprichWort  (Proverb. An Internet platform for language acquisition). In 2014, she was elected as president of the European Society of Phraseology (EUROPHRAS).
She is co-editor of the Yearbook of Phraseology and the series Formelhafte Sprache/Formulaic Language (both de Gruyter); furthermore member of the review boards of the series Phraseology and Multiword Expressions (Language Science Press) and Linguistik online.
Kathrin Steyer is author of numerous publications in the fields of theoretical phraseology and paremiology, applied corpus linguistics, multi-word patterns and constructions (also in contrast with other languages), and also a lexicographer.
Kathrin Steyer’s project is a place to go for colleagues from all over the world who are interested in corpus based studies of phraseology, phraseography and lexicology and the qualitative adaption of corpus analysis methods, especially collocation and pattern analysis.

Kathrin Steyer : Abstract (pdf)
Whether Luther or Gorbachev: “Quotation careers” as an example for reproducibility and entrenchment
Kathrin Steyer : Selected Publications (pdf)

Anna Krzyżanowska
est une enseignante-chercheuse en linguistique romane et professeur des Universités à l'Institut de Philologie Romane de l'Université Marie Curie-Skłodowska. Ses principaux domaines de recherche sont la phraséologie, la sémantique lexicale, le langage des émotions et la linguistique contrastive.

Anna Krzyżanowska : Abstract (pdf)
Figement, stability and reproducibility: between language system and discourse
Anna Krzyżanowska : Selected Publications (pdf)

Joanna Szczęk
Magisterstudium am Institut für Germanische Philologie an der Universität Wrocław (1996-2000), Promotionsstudium an der Universität Wrocław (2000-2004), Juni 2004 Doktorgrad im Bereich der Sprachwissenschaft an der Universität Wrocław. Dissertation: Phraseologisierungsprozess am Beispiel der Analyse von Phraseologismen im Deutschen (Auf der Suche nach der phraseologischen Motiviertheit im Deutschen (am lexikographischen Material). Wrocław/Dresden: Atut-Neiße Verlag, 2010). 8.12.2015 – Habilitationsgrad im Bereich der Sprachwissenschaft, Titel der Habilitationsschrift: Absageschreiben auf Bewerbungen. Eine pragmalinguistische Studie. Frank & Timme: Berlin, 2015.
Absolventin des Aufbaustudiums „Studia Podyplomowe Kształcenia Tłumaczy Języka Niemieckiego“ (2003-2004) an der Universität Wrocław und des Aufbaustudiums „Zarządzanie Projektami Unii Europejskiej” (2007-2008) an der Ökonomischen Universität in Wrocław.
Seit 2004 Adjunkt im Lehrstuhl für Deutsche Sprache am Institut für Germanische Philologie der Universität Wrocław. Seit Juni 2013 Interimsleiterin des Lehrstuhls für Angewandte Linguistik, seit Juni 2016 Leiterin des Lehrstuhls für Angewandte Linguistik.
Mitglied von Stowarzyszenie Byłych Stypendystów DAAD w Polsce, Stowarzyszenie Germanistów Polskich, Verband polnischer Germanisten, Mitteleuropäischer Germanistenverband, Polskie Towarzystwo Lingwistyki Stosowanej, Polskie Towarzystwo Neofilologiczne.
Mitglied des Redaktionskomitees der Zeitschrift „Linguistische Treffen in Wrocław”, Schriftleiterin der Zeitschrift „Germanica Wratislaviensia”.
DAAD-Stipendiatin (1997-1998, Würzburg), wissenschaftliche Aufenthalte und Vorträge an der Universität Leipzig, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Budapest, Brno, Ústí nad Labem.
Forschungsfelder: Phraseologie des Deutschen und Polnischen, Textlinguistik, Pragmalinguistik, Onomastik, Didaktik des DaF, Translatorik. Mitautorin der Lehrwerke für Deutsch „Abitur” i „Fokus”.

Antonio PAMIES BERTRÁN is Professor of General Linguistics at the University of Granada, where he works as a teacher and researcher since 1987. He has a degree in translation-interpreting, a master's degree in French philology and a PhD. in Linguistics. He is honorary member of the National Academy of Sciences of Higher Education of Ukraine and corresponding member of the American Academy of the Spanish Language (ANLE). He has also been a member of the board and vice-president of Europhras, as well as honorary president of the Italian Society of Phraseology. He is the author of about 100 publications on contrastive linguistics, mainly phraseology and phonetics, published in books or journals of twenty countries. Co-author of books such as El arte del insulto (with J.d.D. Luque and F.J. Manjón); Metáfora y fraseología (with E.M. Iñesta); El lenguaje de los enfermos (with F. Rodríguez Simón), Analogie, figement et polysémie (with S. Mejri and P.Monneret); Metaphorical competence and phraseological motivation (with D. Dobrovol'skij).


ANTONIO PAMIES BERTRÁN : Selected Publications (pdf)

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