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"Białorutenistyka Białostocka"
"Białorutenistyka Białostocka" is a scholarly journal dedicated to problems of literature, language, history and culture of Belarus. It publishes the texts by notable scholars in Slavic studies both from domestic and international academic institutions, presenting the results of their research work in Belarusian, Polish, other Slavic languages, as well as in main world languages, which ensures an international circulation and popularization of knowledge. The journal provides a platform for the exchange of ideas between different fields of humanities, international debates related to current tendencies in Belarusian studies, comparative literature, cultural studies, and comparative linguistics, history, and prospects for the development of all these fields in the future. The overall tenor of the journal should be described as interdisciplinary, with particular emphasis on critical theory, literary criticism, linguistics and applied linguistics. Apart from scholarly articles, "Białorutenistyka Białostocka" publishes book reviews, and relations form symposiums, conferences or other academic events (5 points per text in the parametric evaluation).

ISSN 2081–2515

DOI 10.15290

  • CEJSH – The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • CEEOL – Central and Eastern European Online Library
  • ICI Journals Master List
  • PBN – Polska Bibliografia Naukowa

Index Copernicus 2019: 57,82

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