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Peer Review

Review form

1. All submissions to Białorutenistyka Białostocka are subject to peer-review process.

2. For the purpose of the evaluation of each submission two independent peer-referees, whose institutional affiliation is different from that of the author, are invited. The review is submitted in a written form (review form). Two positive reviews are the precondition for accepting the submission for publication. In case of disagreement between the reviewers, the third reviewer is invited, and the final decision regarding the acceptance of the submission for the publication is made by the Editorial Board.

3. The author or authors of submission and the reviewers do not know their respective identities (a double-blind review process). In accordance with the principle of the double-blind reference, the names of the reviewers of individual submissions or issues of the journal are not disclosed. However, the names of the reviewers are listed on the journal’s homepage once a year.

4. All persons remaining in the conflict of interest with authors of submissions are not allowed to act as reviewers (i.e. in the cases of professional hierarchical dependence, or personal relations).

5. Reviews are prepared in compliance with the principle of objectivity and academic standards.

6. All reviewed texts are treated as confidential documents (i.e. their content is not publically revealed, and cannot be discussed outside the circle of the Editorial Board). Reviews cannot be used by reviewers for personal benefits of any kind.

7. Each reviewer is obliged to notify the Editorial Board of the author’s infringement of ethical standards.

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